Evernote Skitch now available for Windows

So, Evernote Skitch or simply Skitch, the ultimate application to make all kinds of screenshots is finally available for Windows (this application had been exclusive to Mac since long time ago).

Evernote Skitch

In celebration of the launch of Windows 8, the development team behind Skitch has introduced a version for the Windows desktop compatible with the latest versions of this operating system and an exclusive version of the Windows Store which only works within Windows 8.

For those who do not know Skitch, this application works in a somewhat different, because in order to take some kind of screenshot you need to select the shooting mode you want, or run a keyboard shortcut.

After taking the catch within the same interface Skitch can edit and add text, arrows or highlight certain areas. Despite this, not everything is good for not offering the same support (to capture windows and other areas) that can be found in applications such as MWSnap or Screenshot Captor.

However, if you only require basic features of Skitch capture might be a good choice since it also allows guards our catches in our Evernote account and so keep them synchronized so that they can be viewed from any device.

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