Fabar Service Scanner: A great tool for network troubleshooting

When at last we finished cleaning a virus, those carrying days remove, probably appear other problems. And is that the damage that caused the virus was so widespread within the system files and registry, it is not strange that suddenly do not want to connect computer to the Internet, among other problems that have been observed.

Fabar Service Scanner

Why is this? State because the battle against the virus and the performance of the same virus is loaded system files or alter the registry in a way that it is impossible to make the computer work normally, and then disinfect. Among the most useful tools that have discovered recently, is Fabar Service Scanner.

This program provides a detailed report of files, records, and services that are responsible for that can connect to the Internet. It focuses specifically on these files. However, despite only serving to troubleshoot connectivity, the operation of this program we will save hours and hours of break we mind to know we do not have Internet, while we all have it configured as it should be.

The program will create a log where we can see what files have been altered, what registry settings have been changed and what services they have to do with connectivity are stopped or running. A report from the program, and we can begin to take steps to restore the original files from the Windows CD/DVD using the command sfc/scannow in the console or perform a system repair from the same CD or DVD of XP or Windows 7.

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