Facebook connectivity Lab wants to bring Internet to everyone using drones

Universal access to the Internet in such a way that any inhabitant of the world can access the network is one of the main objectives of this century. As large companies like Google or Facebook and get behind projects that are announced are all engineering challenge but when carried out will be a breakthrough for all, it must be said, a good business opportunity for all companies that do business on the Internet.

facebook using drones

If a few months ago, Google’s attempt to bring the Internet to everyone using balloons, this week we have known that Facebook will launch a project with a similar goal and seeks universal access to the Internet in collaboration with Internet.org and using drones.

Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that the project was running through a statement on Facebook. To carry it out Facebook would be assisted by experts who will design a solution based on the use of drones. These small planes would be put at a height of about 20 kilometers to not affect commercial traffic and which would be many months at that point transmitting the Internet signal powered by solar energy.

Yael Maguire, one of the doctors working at Google, explains the exciting technological challenge that lies ahead in the video below:

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