Facebook for Android now allows to send voice messages

The Facebook application for Android has always stood by offering some advantages with respect to their sisters’ applications and its last update was not the exception as now in version 2.1 includes new features and improvements to photo viewing experience.

facebook for Android send voice messages

After version 2.0 was regarded as the fastest to date, version 2.1 adds faster to load photos on social network thus overcoming one of the problems that users pointed. In addition we have implemented the function to send voice messages, a feature previously only available in the Facebook Messenger application.

To make matters worse have also expanded the options for sharing content, because now you can share stories on the timeline, and update states with groups, friends and timelines of the pages that we have enjoyed.

Another important point is that the code has been rewritten and now application using native code of Facebook itself, with this you get much better performance is no longer used because the version using HTML5.

It also said that the company is committed to upgrading its mobile applications over a period of 4-8 weeks, this as an attempt to retain the growing wave of users of smartphones and tablets.

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