Facebook Lite, a lightweight version of the app for Android

While 3G and 4G service already reaches countless countries, there are still many places where they can not enjoy this speed, so Facebook has launched an application that works perfectly in places that only have 2G.

facebook lite

Facebook Lite is the name of this app for Android that was born to give service to the emerging countries and being used especially in lower-range phones. While the normal application of Facebook reaches about 30MB, this version just weighs 252 KB, although it can be used with 2G but with a speed of navigation misses the 3G, we can see photos and publications without problem.

The application was designed based on the platform originally used mobile phones with Internet access, Snaptu. This system allowed users to use services like Twitter or Facebook became obsolete, until it has been updated to provide better performance.

Among the improvements that have Facebook Lite, we find enabling notifications and uploading pictures from camera, among other functions, we also have the Facebook application.

Since Google Play we can download this application, although it is only available in some countries in Asia and Africa. For now we do not know the plans of Facebook and don’t know if Facebook Lite will reach elsewhere. It would certainly be a good choice to expand the supply of this version of the social network, as well could access the service from anywhere.

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