Facebook redesigns the “Like” and “Share” buttons

Facebook has announced a new design for the “Like” and “Share” buttons to help people share more and better content across the web. Today these two buttons have achieved tremendous popularity, because they are viewed over 22 billion times a day over 7.5 million sites.

facebook button

These buttons will replace the traditional “hand with thumb up” accompanying Facebook since 2010. The new buttons are characterized by bright blue and the traditional “F” which identifies the signature.

The new buttons are renovating an entire background on Facebook, which seeks to attract more users and more sites that incorporate their buttons that help link content. The social network saw its worldwide symbol that everyone identifies with Facebook at first glance, had gone too long without a renewal.

In those sites already using the new design, Facebook has seen a favorable increase in the use of both buttons. Gradually this design design will be extended to other websites that interact with Facebook content.

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