Facebook thinks of buying Opera Software

Facebook, the social network with greater acceptance in recent times, might be thinking of buying Opera Software, developer of Opera, Opera Mobile for phones and PCs, and Opera Mini: confirmed this purchase the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg would have its own browser.

Opera software

The idea of buying Opera Software could become a reality thanks to the success that Facebook has, since this has allowed it to have a liquidity pretty good, after having left in the bag with an approximate value of 32.595 million euros, about $41,000 million.

If the transaction will take place, from Opera at the hands of Facebook, the Organization of Palo Alto became a big enough company to compete with giant Internet companies that have their own web browsers such as Mozilla (Firefox), Microsoft (Internet Explorer), Apple (Safari), Google (Chrome) and Yahoo.

As it has obtained from a trusted source, Facebook would like to avail this opportunity to avoid creating a browser from scratch. Also do not forget that Opera has a good acceptance in mobile devices.

Despite the rumors, neither company has confirmed or denied the possibility of such transaction. If Facebook wanted its own browser, Opera certainly would be appropriate since that is not associated with any operating system, plus it has great benefits for navigation on mobile devices.

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