Facebook updates the latest news section (Newsfeed)

Facebook has updated the Newsfeed, section featuring the latest social network. The objective of News Feed is to show the best content to the right people at the right time, either a friend or a news source. And it is that during the past year, more and more people have been finding news on Facebook.

facebook newsfeed

As data, the benchmark average Facebook traffic to news sites has increased by over 170% this past year, which is almost triple the traffic last year. This update to the latest ranking recognizes that people want to see the most relevant news, and what their friends have to say about it.

Facebook now pays more attention to providing high quality content. This distinction will be made through the ‘likes’ and direct clicks to articles which are made in News Feed from mobile devices, which means that you will notice most often links to articles (mostly on mobile).

On the other hand, Facebook also make re-appear in the news that friends have made comments prominently so that they can be seen more easily. Tests have shown that to do this in moderation can foster conversations and interaction between people and their friends.

As seen, Facebook continues changing, moving from here to there and inventing new ways of doing things and new features to keep force.

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