Facebook working on a data file system based on Blu-ray

Whether or not you dead on Blu-ray and all other physical media, the reality is that the physical media are still used and much. Therefore, Sony and Panasonic working on Blu-ray storage of 300 GB, for example, giving more life to the physical disk for archiving large volumes of data. And Facebook has also decided on a similar solution.

facebook data file system

The social network is preparing a system for archiving images, sounds and videos of its users, which could serve as emergency data backup. The particular detail of this initiative is that it will in 10,000 Blu-ray discs and not on hard drives or even SSDs. And the cost of doing it on physical media is less to do on hard disks or other media.

Much of the cost savings is on the side of the power consumption for maintaining large centers based on hard disks. It is estimated that the savings would reach 80% and you know that every company looking to save as much as possible on costs maintenance, so the new system is not unreasonable. The space created from such a large number of disks is a petabyte, but the company thinks it can increase capacity to five petabytes.

What will be stored on these disks will be data that are not used in every day, according to the head of the social network infrastructure, who showed a prototype composed by arms robots and 16 internal burners to quickly write data to the disk. In short, even if you close your Facebook account for a long time they will back up your data before “any eventuality”.

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