Facebook would be experimenting with it sympathizes button

A question that emerged by always about Facebook is that there is a button that call dislikes. And is that some Facebook entries, as the announcement of the death of any person or any event that is not exactly cheerful, not stick too well with the famous I like, because it may seem that whoever is “liking” something sad or unpleasant, does so without the slightest sensitivity.

facebook sympathizes button

Therefore, the social network would be experimenting with a new button called sympathize. This button will attempt to express that we share the negative post feeling, without the ridiculous end to like to the news of the death of a person.

At the moment, the proposal would be being tested as part of the evidence that would lead to future changes to the social network, but has announced one of its engineers, by now the decision has been taken to wait a little longer to make it massive.

Thus, Facebook tries to distance himself from the criticism that the social network is too impersonal and that opens the door to a false world of happiness, success and millions of “likes”. The truth is that if Facebook releases new button sympathize, at least we have a way of showing our feelings on negative or sad entries. We would like to see is also a Dislike button.

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