Fast shutdown: turn off or turn on your computer in less than three seconds

One of the problems faced by any computer user is the time it takes the operating system to boot up or shut down. If we talk about facilities that have not been properly optimized Windows, this process can be frustrating: we’ve heard of machines that take 10 minutes to power on and off as many.

Fast shutdown

There are third-party programs for those who do not have much patience. Many of them are paid, as the complete Auto Shutdown Manager, but there are also free as Fast Shutdown. The task of this program is nothing short of shutting down the system “in less than three seconds” and restart in the same period of time. But what really gives results?

One of the things that we could unravel this program is how it manages to quickly turn off the computer. If there is no other program running or windows open, Fast Shutdown turn off it… almost instantly. We wonder if it has not damaged any file in the system and do not think it is, because our computer testing has started again without error messages. Of course, when restart, have not noticed any speed, the “less than three seconds” that are advertised on their website for fast restart.

The interface could not be more minimalist. In it, we will have 6 options; the most important are fast shutdown and instant shutdown. We also have options for fast restart and normal shutdown and restart. However, states in its website that the instant shutdown can cause problems.

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