Filesoup, the alternative to Google for search P2P download

Google had made some changes to its search algorithm that had mainly affected download websites, which had lost up to 50% of visits they had. Of course, made the switch, made the solution. And it is that, if we could hardly find such materials in their results, we now have to take a look at a new search engine that will do the same job.


Filesoup is a search engine that comes to allow us the fact of search files on major P2P networks. Nothing is quite limited, although their characteristics should be expanding soon. Right now, what we can do is search for torrents on sites like The Pirate Bay, Torrentz, Kickass or ExtraTorrent. Even put at it disposal a proxy to bypass the limitations that exist in some countries.

The intention of the developers behind Filesoup is quite clear: to serve the purpose that Google has removed, allowing Internet users to continue searching (and finding) the material they want on major P2P networks. The project has been doing quite well, so we suspect that became a benchmark to take into account.

You know what happens in these kinds of issues. While attempting to put a limit to download files from the Internet, people cheated to make publicly available new tools that allow carrying out these activities. During the last few months is having enough movement in this regard. And it seems that it is going to end.

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