Find and eliminate the virus Flamer with this tool

Here we commented on the new super virus that is affecting the network which is able to monitor network traffic, take screenshots, act as a key-logger and perform other monitoring tasks.

Bitdefender removal tool

This malware has been classified as “dangerous and complicated”, is why the company BitDefender has released a tool to find out if you are infected and in addition to being well, remove this threat.

According to Kaspersky the virus consists of two modules and it has been transmitted from system to system via USB and from local network connections. Although so far the infection has been located in countries such as Iran, Israel, Palestine, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, other countries may also be affected and that the spread could be generated at any moment.

For this and more, BitDefender offers its usefulness for the detection and elimination of the virus variant known as Trojan.Flamer.A/B. For use only we will have to download the version of 32-bit or 64-bit, and then run on the system. The program is portable and therefore does not require any installation and it is worth checking that your computer is free from this virus.

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