Firefox 16 Beta 6

Firefox 16 Beta 6 is the sixth and presumably final beta version of the red panda released and now available for Windows operating systems, Mac OS X and Linux.

Firefox 16 Beta 6

In Firefox 16 Beta, the main novelty, the Mozilla Foundation has improved JavaScript sensitivity by improving its garbage collector. In addition, support also has been included in preliminary VoiceOver in Mac OS X, and also incorporated initial support for web applications.

What’s new in Firefox 16?
As Mozilla has published in its release notes page, these are all improvements and new features included in Mozilla Firefox 16 Beta:

  • Now includes preliminary support by default of VoiceOver in Mac OS X
  • Initial support for web applications on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Added the Acholi language
  • Add improved JavaScript sensitivity thanks to incremental garbage collector
  • New development toolbar with buttons for quick access to tools, list of errors in the web console, and a new command line
  • New animations, transitions, transformations and CSS3 gradients
  • Scratchpad is implemented in a list of recently opened files
  • Several bug fixes.

If we want to install Firefox 16 Beta, it will overwrite the existing installation of Firefox, but not lose bookmarks or history, although some supplements may not work.

If we installed this Beta version, at any time we can return to the stable version by uninstalling the beta version and reinstalling final Firefox 15. When uninstall the beta version will not lose bookmarks, or web history or extensions, since stored in the profile folder.

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