Firefox 17 automatically block old and vulnerable complements

By default, Firefox 17 will block all additions that are outdated or that pose a hazard to navigation, and it will be able to completely block all of them, to gain speed.

Firefox 17

Of course with the amount of complements that exist for certain functions, especially in Firefox, not all users will be interested in blocking, but it is certainly interesting that the browser notify you that should be brought up to date and those who are security risk.

For now, the complements blocked by default are Java 6.7 and 8 on Windows, Linux and MacOS X, while versions of Flash between 11.0 and 11.4.402.287 or whatever minor version may run only under permission from the user.

The user still has the freedom to choose if you want to run the plugin or not, because even if Firefox blocked it, it can be activated manually. If we know we access sites that are not dangerous and do not want to download the latest versions of plug-ins, we can make Firefox put these pages in “white lists”, where not warn us more about the need to download latest versions.

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