Flash Player comes to solve security issues

If you have been attentive to the recent cracking of the Hacking Team company, then you also know that reference is to the material that has leaked multiple vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player. The known plugin, widely used on the network to display multimedia content takes time on everyone’s lips. In fact, some companies are failing to give support due to the inconvenience involved.

adove flash player

Of course, from Adobe they are working on making both performance and security software are maximal. Knowing the last holes that have been discovered, the team has to work in order to launch a new version of the gourd. The numbering is already among us. And we know its goal: Protect users from attacks that are being made.

From the Adobe themselves has confirmed the availability of the new update, which fixes both problems encountered and improves the overall stability of the program. They have also added to continue working to improve the whole application with new features. They know they are the subject of hackers and crackers, so do not hesitate to invest all the time possible to put solutions.

The safest thing is that even Adobe Flash Player warn you the availability of the update. We recommend that you install it as soon as possible, as this escape being have security holes on your computer. We do not know if the company responsible for the program will have a long-term goal, although it would be advisable to carry out a complete revision of the plugin to avoid situations like this.

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