Fort File Encryption, a new application to encrypt files

The field of security is such a hot state that no user is completely safe. In fact, the ransomware type viruses have become extremely dangerous and when we surf the Internet, we need to take very special care. However, the encryption of files can also become a very good job and totally secure. Especially in those moments when we want our files are safe.

Fort File Encryption

If you want to encrypt your data in an efficient and successful manner, it may be time for you to take a look at Fort File Encryption, a utility that allows you to encrypt the data that you want in your computer. Even you can ensure your entire hard drive of your PC, if it is necessary.

When you want to encrypt any file, you only have to right click on it and select the option you wish. The same operation, but conversely, can be performed at those times when you would want to decrypt the information. Do not forget that you must specify a password so that the processes cannot be carried out by any user. In fact, it should have some security. If not, the application will not accept it.

Fort File Encryption uses the 256-bit AES protocol in order to encrypt files. This provides good security to them, so you can be confident about security. Of course, do not discard future updates to improve the project or solve vulnerabilities.

Fort File Encryption already can be downloaded, for free, from their official website. Do not forget that the project is open source.

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