Freethephotos offers free migration Instagram photos to Flickr

Some may remember that at the beginning of the year was formed quite a splash with the change in the privacy policies and terms of use that was intended to make Instagram and thanks to what he could do whatever they wanted with the photos of users.


These reacted strongly against this change and Instagram had to rectify but then created some utilities that can still be useful as Freethephotos of which speak below.

The purpose of Freethephotos is simple: we migration Instagram photos to Flickr. This is done through a simple service that is very easy to use because you simply must access to the website, log in our Instagram and Flickr accounts and let the system work to perform the migration of our photos.

The photos will be migrated in a new Flickr album called ‘Instagram’ that may subsequently be renamed or edited. The service has some limitation but it should not be too hard except for intensive users of Instagram is that you can migrate only the latest 10,000 uploaded photos.

Although the motive for which this service arose is partially solved, the terms of use of Instagram are still unclear as well that is still useful whether that is our reason to switch to Flickr.

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