Frostwire: Download music and movies on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android

Looking for a program to download music to “Ares style”? Can not find anything similar for Linux? With Frostwire find the solution to both problems. And is that Frostwire is a client of interchange of archives of the BitTorrent protocol, made ​​first as a fork of Limewire (yes, that Limewire).


Frostwire uses the BitTorrent network to search and share files. In addition to downloading files, we may also share in a Wi-Fi network with any device, whether PC, Mac, tablets and phones, without any network configuration.

But besides organize downloads via a download library, we have at our disposal an audio player and an IRC chat client. It can perform various types of searches: audio, video, software, images, books, documents and torrents.

Frostwire is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. Even if you’re some other Linux user, you can download the code and compile it, since it is available in downloads.

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