GC Star: The program for collectors

Collecting something is a habit that can transform into something serious if we do it compulsively. If you are a compulsive collector, you’ll quickly realize that at some point you have no idea of what you have in your collection.


Cataloging programs have always been popular, but many are extra. However, GC Star is open source, it can be run on Linux or Mac OSx and is one more than attractive possibility for rising control of a collection of many things, and it can also manage and catalog books, games, stamps and many other items.

Like other programs of this type, can show information for each item, because it can connect to the Internet. If we look for full-screen photos, posters or trailers, along with the film, this is not the right program, since the interface is quite understated, with only the data of interest.

You can also configure that GC Star shows us the entire collection in different ways. In the form of wall (wallview), in a few nice shelves of “wood”, according to the original boxes, or simply the interface with the information and data of each thing, with the ability to have control of what we have borrowed. You can also enter data automatically using the barcode of the item or using an Android device.

In short, if you collect something and still not have a catalog on the computer (one of the most primitive that began to be made by computers), GC Star is a good start.

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