Ginger, a tool that helps us to write better English

Write in good English is still difficult for so many popping tools that help us with this task. A while ago we told you about Writefull, an assistant to improve our writing in English that has similarities with Ginger, the tool on which we focus in this article.


The objective of Ginger is simple: to help improve the texts that we write in English. That goal can attack their many fronts ranging from the most common and avoid misspellings or grammatical up to others as giving a more native touch to the text using the synonymous and expressions appropriate to each context.

Among the options available in Ginger found a spelling and grammar checker, a reformulator of phrases which replaces our sentences by other more appropriate, a text translator, a dictionary, a personal trainer getting us examples of use of English so that we avoid common mistakes and also a text reader. The latter features make Ginger is useful not only to improve the texts but also to learn new concepts or pronunciations that allow us to improve our level gradually.

Ginger can download for free for devices running Windows, Android as well as an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. Although the application is free there were a limit on the number of corrections and suggestions makes us weekly that may reach or not according to the intensive that we are in its use. In that case and if we are taking advantage of the tools we can choose an account that only Annual Premium costs $7.50 but there are monthly plans starting at $4.90.

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