Gmail allows to send money via email

Well, we must say that we have found it a bit confusing and weird concept, but if we look carefully it makes enough sense. And it is that Gmail has launched, for now only in the UK, a program that will allow us to send money via email using the Google Wallet platform. As we know, it is a project that allows shopping, for example, in Google Play Store.

gmail allow send-money

Send money is quite simple. The only thing we have to do will be to begin to write a new email and then click on the attachments bar (the symbol of the British pound, more specifically) to “include” the amount of money we want. To give the send button we will have enough for the recipient to receive the desired amount.

At the beginning you have read that the program is only available in United Kingdom. It’s quite true, because it is a test pilot which is conducting the search engine company. Although, before expanding to other places, they want to make sure everything is in order. It is clear that use Google Wallet functionality, so only come to those places where available.

We will continue waiting for Google unveils new details. By what we have seen is a very interesting look, which we recommend you to be very attentive to the innovations that will be announcing. Is this the evolution of online payments?

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