Gmail already allows you to attach files up to 50 MB

There are many times when, in an email, we have to attach some kind of file. For example, if we want to send a document it is very possible that we should use the corresponding feature. Usually these files do not usually occupy much, but there are times where we have to figure in order not to exceed the limits.

gmail exceed limits

If we have an own e-mail server, in this aspect we will not have major problems. But, of course, if we use a public one there are certain security measures that must be fulfilled. In Gmail, for example, we can not attach files that occupy more than 25 MB. Well, we actually have to say we could not, since Google has increased this limit in order to allow us to send larger files.

For a few days, the platform allows to attach files that have a maximum size of 50 MB. The service is still free, although storage capacity has increased. Of course, if we exceed the limit the page itself will invite us to upload the file to Google Drive, where we have a limit of 5 TB. That is, it is very difficult that we remain without sending a particular content.

Gmail also has implemented new security measures: blocking JavaScript files, installing the standard S/MIME cryptographic, and improving performance and capacity, as we mentioned earlier. These are functions that you will hardly notice, but that improve the service in general.

The good news is that you do not have to do anything to access the new features. These are available from the server side. No further operation is required.

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