Gmail and Google Wallet will enable money transfer

For now, we relied exclusively on PayPal to make online payments, an alternative that many times has given problems and is well known the unfair treatment and despotic that often gives the service to their customers. Fortunately all that will be back, if Google carries out what is planned, integrating Gmail and Google Wallet to make transfers of money.

payments gmail to googlewallet

The new feature will be integrated as an email attachment. This means that in addition to sending pictures and files from our Gmail email, we may also send money. To do this, we will do from the command marked “$” in the toolbar of e-mail, where we have to indicate how much we want to send.

Money transfer operation will have a cost, depending on whether the bank with which operate is integrated or not to Gooogle Wallet, plus the amount sent. As a general rule the sender will pay a 2.9% transaction fee, with a minimum of $0.30 to send. Whoever receives, will not pay any fees, according to the statement by Google. The maximum amount to send per day would be about 7,500 euros.

The money transfer will be discharged to the American users during the next few months, so we can hope that everyone can use it from next year. With the introduction of this new feature in Gmail will eventually be the arbitrariness of PayPal… or will have to adapt to change in the best way to with their users.

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