Google and YouTube cleaned the house before year-end

Both Google and Youtube have started a “cleansing operation” of their online services. In the case of YouTube, have been cleared more than 2 billion views that have proven that they were caused by automatic methods. Google side, the cleaning has begun much earlier, erasing about 50 million search results will point to pirate content.

google clean the house

YouTube has found that certain individual and corporate users have tried to “inflate” the results of page views. Therefore, it has eliminated a lot of visits from the channels of the record companies Sony, Universal, RCA were detected with fraudulent visits.

On the side of Google, the Internet giant has stuck throughout the year with its policy to remove content that violates any copyright. Specifically those orders that you are notified to Google through its users, who have joined the record level of more than 3 ½ million during the last week.

To have an idea of the indented links that Google has begun, so far this year it is estimated that approximately 51,395,353 links have been removed. This gives us approximately 140,000 links that Google removes every day of the year, orders for copyright violation or those perceived to be linked to pirate content sites.

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