Google announces Dart, a JavaScript alternative

The Internet giant has announced version 1.0 of Dart, a new web language that threatens to be a viable alternative and open source JavaScript, for websites and web applications.

google announces dart

But in fact this language debut came a couple of years ago, but its implementation was not yet possible in programming. It was not until now that Dart can be worn as a language that is much easier to learn than JavaScript, in addition to can run their own programmes and, of course, be adapted to other browsers that are not Chrome.

The advantage of using Dart by programmers is that is faster than the JavaScript libraries from 42 to 130% faster according to benchmarks of Google. However, Google will face the problem that JavaScript is too popular among programmers who have created millions of websites with it. Migrate now to a language imposed by Google seems to be a difficult alternative.

Either way, Google is preparing to boost Dart with a series of presentations dedicated to programmers. Currently, Blossom, Mandrill, Soundtrap,Montage and Google itself, in addition to Adobe, and JetBrains are already using new language. In addition, Google announced that there are 500 library packages available from the community.

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