Google Apps drop support for Internet Explorer 8

The Mountain View giant has announced officially that no longer offer support for Internet Explorer 8 from November 15 in Google Apps.

Google drop support Internet Explorer 8

Remember that Internet Explorer 10 will be available worldwide on October 26, when the global launch of the final version of the new Microsoft operating system, Windows 8. With this decision, Google intends to set its development efforts on compatibility with modern browsers, bypassing older browsers.

Google announced that users using older browsers may begin to suffer problems of functionality in services such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google Docs and Google Sites among others, and even be found with the inability to use the same.

In case there is not used Internet Explorer 10, users will see a message on Google Apps urging to update your browser to this new version or use another browser alternative duly updated.

Interestingly this decision of Google directly impacts the millions of veteran Windows XP users, who can not upgrade Internet Explorer to its new versions, given the incompatibility of the same with this operating system.

So if you do not want to change the operating system, these users of Windows XP should use alternative browsers such as Google itself: Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Safari.

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