Google Chrome 27 offers voice search

A few months ago Google was developing more in-depth speech recognition capability in many of its products, especially in the search for content through the browser. They had promised changes on this matter in the future versions of Chrome, which we have available in the latest version of the browser.

Chrome 27 offers voice search

Those who download or update automatically to version 27 of the browser, will find that from the Google search page can now search by voice. Added a microphone within the same search box, which in turn enable the microphone of our computer and where we can search without writing a single word.

The user experience for what has been seen so far, gives the same result as other similar applications. That is, the recognition is not 100% accurate and most of the time our computer may not understand a word of what we say. However, if we pronounce slowly and deliberately, Chrome has recognized more than we expected.

In the tests conducted, have appeared some messages that “No Internet Connection”, which will be a failure of the system of recognition. However, it is a step forward in technology that can lead to interesting applications in desktop and laptop computers, without stick exclusively to voice systems and can be used from mobile phones.

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