Google Chrome 48 comes with new features and security enhancements

Chrome, the browser of Google, receives a major upgrade. The development team does not stop when adding ingredients. Something that we like on the other hand: in addition to installing new features, it also improves a browser which is already excellent. The possibilities of the software are not exactly few. Clearly, now it is available the version 48 does not get bored at all.

Google Chrome 48

Google Chrome 48 is not a browser with excessive additives. Although true that it is quite interesting. One of the new options, for example, is the ability to add custom notifications. Thus, to arrange we will be aware of what happens in the world and to interact with them in different ways.

Among the security improvements, it is necessary to mention that support RC4 encryption, which is used for HTTPS connections, has been removed. The same has been essential in many of the technologies that are used on the network; although the latest vulnerabilities have provoked that the companies mark it as unsafe. In fact, it is no longer available in most browsers.

Not lacking either, under typical minor patches and the visual and technical arrangements. You may find yourselves with some surprise. However small. Finally, do not forget that the versions of Chrome for IOS and Android will arrive in the various bazaars during the next few days. And with similar developments.

Google Chrome gets bigger, solving along the way many of the bugs found. It is evident that in the coming weeks will find new versions. For now, we recommend you to take a look at the new version.

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