Google Chrome 54, the latest version with excessive consumption of RAM

The complaint most commented on by users with respect to browsers is the excessive consumption of RAM that can get to perform. And, in some cases boast a bad optimization. Fortunately, gradually they solved this problem, so it is normal that every time our computers cost less display pages that exist on the network.

Google Chrome 54

Recently published the version of Google Chrome 54. This is, in addition, the last release that consumes an excessive amount of RAM memory. The new edition of the browser changes the behavior of Adobe Flash on Youtube with the purpose to accept HTML5 as the player. And consume fewer resources and obtain better security in the browser itself.

There are other new features like support for Custom Elements V1 and the correction of 21 security holes. In fact, Google has paid certain sums of money for the discovery of these faults. Of course, it allows them to offer a solution for Internet browsing much more secure and stable.

Combined with the new HTTP/2 protocol, the Google Chrome version 54 will help you to load websites faster and more secure. According to Google, this version of Chrome will use less RAM than the previous versions, as well as you will not encounter annoying errors, like the Err_SPDY_Protocol_Error error.

Now, we comment the main novelty: Google Chrome 54 is the last version of the browser that will be using RAM memory excessively. And t is that in the version 55 is implemented some novelties that will decrease significantly the consumption of resources from the software. We still have to wait until the end of the development of that issue, although it is clear that the developments will be interesting.

If you want to download Google Chrome 54 is now available on their official website. Of course, you can upgrade from the browser.

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