Google Drive API solves the problem of the space for data of Android applications

As we are installing applications on our Android-based device, the space that is required in the memory for them is also higher. There are many applications that are in charge of installing other applications in the internal SD memory because they are added now Google, but with a slight variation compared to the rest.

google drive api

Google has presented at an event dedicated to developers its Google Drive API, which would keep the application data in Google Drive. But it will also allow several devices that are using the same application to share data stored in Google Drive.

According to Google, the new API would need internet connection to function, but if no one is available, the data will be saved locally; once we connect to a network, the API will arrange to send the data to Google Drive immediately.

According to Google, the impact on application performance or speed of the device would be minimal, the user would not even notice the change, although notice more space in memory. In addition, the API will support Android Gingerbread and later versions, so there will be no problem if the device is not updated.

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