Google Fiber want to reach 10 GB per second

The Google Fiber connection speed would increase to 10 GB per second, according to executives. Although the actual experience of Google Fiber fails to provide the service in a few U.S. cities, Google wants to increase the connection speed to within three years.

Google Fiber

Google has begun to move their pieces to further improve its offer Google Fiber connection speed in USA. Remember that almost two years ago, the network giant began offering its Internet service provider, with 1 GB speeds per second. The new target is to reach 10 GB per second.

To date, Google has Google Fiber only available in a few cities in the state of Kansas, but could expand to more cities in more states, according to the bread of development that have been set last year.

The tenor of the few cities that receive permission and Google promises speeds, we could take this news as anecdotal. However, it is clear that the use of the network it is directed to obtain speeds higher and higher, for either productivity or audiovisual content. Therefore, if we now say that the 10 GB per second are exaggerated, then see if they will be appropriate for the future that is coming. Now imagine how much would take a movie download at these speeds or how easily you could run remote applications.

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