Google is associated with behavio

A very good news for all those who follow the technology, but another very bad for those of us concerned about privacy. Google has taken over the company behavio. This company had developed a program for Android called Funf, a program of predictions based on the behaviors and habits of any mobile user.

google and behavio

To leave things a little more clear, behavio specializes in recording and analyzing the data delivered by smart phones, such as location, speed, and network devices nearby, activity of incoming and outgoing calls, installed applications, and so on. What will Google do with behavio? Perhaps worse that could have done it: integrate tracking technology into their upcoming products…

This technology is based on predictions. An example given by behavio is that thanks to send text messages by phone and physical movement captured by the sensors of the device can predict whether we will get sick, even before we have symptoms and recommend courses of action to the user.

All this seems quite irrational, it’s will be used in the future for Google and others to meet one to one our movements, even when we are not connected or online. They have not confirmed yet, nor have referred to this technology as an acquisition, but simply as a “partnership”. The truth is where Google gets the eye, puts the bullet…

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