Google Maps could have a redesign

Among the tools that we all use the network more frequently, we can count on the fingers of one hand. Among them, Google Maps can surely be included among the most widely used, not only at home but also in browsers, pagers, smart phones and other portable. Well, it seems that the site maps network excellence will soon undergo a redesign.

google maps redesign

The new interface is likely to be launched at Google I/O and is the biggest change that the site has experienced. The changes include from the colors of the maps, icons and text with new format, adding integration with Google+. Integration with Google+ will allow us to filter search results specifically contacts in Google+ circles. Navigation seems to resemble the style of buttons on a phone.

Also make changes in placement of the navigation items that are no longer on a side frame, but will be at the top of the maps. Apparently, interface is intended to be as close as possible to those used in the mobile, although final details don’t tell us if another type of interface will be shown if we consult the maps from another computer.

In short, Google wants to give prominence to the map and not so much the rest of the options, as in the current version. Although must say that we have the option to view each full screen map on current version, it seems that more Google search with this redesign is the deeper integration with Google+.

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