Google Maps for Android, a New Version

Google has updated its Android version of Google Maps, with some improvements, but also some negatives or those have been included in the last half hour, at the request of users.

Google Maps for Android

Among the new features, we can mention the traffic update in real time, reporting of incidents and re-calculation of dynamic routes. The new look of Google Maps has been renewed, much like Google Now. On the negative side, we mention the removal of the Latitude service and initial possibility to see the maps in offline mode, but Google has released a solution to this.

On the maps offline, Google has solved with the inclusion of button Ok Maps, which allows the stored map, so we can see it without being connected to the network. The offline map can no longer be downloaded to the computer, as it did previously.

As for Google Latitude, the application that records your position using the GPS phone, Google has not commented on the matter, what will happen to the list of applications and functionalities that Google has disabled or deactivated shortly. In fact, it is mentioned as the August 9 deadline in that Latitude will no longer service.

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