Google Now could reach Chrome

Apparently Google wants to continue to make a browser Chrome extremely complete and consolidate as one of the best. Now the Mountain View company is preparing a version of its voice system Google Now to make it compatible with its Chrome web browser.

Google Now

While certainly the inclusion of this service is not yet official, the CNET team found some code of Google Now within Chrome, this speaks that possibly are already performing some tests on the browser which was to become a complete system is full of possibilities.

The integration of this service would be that the gap between Chrome and Android devices should be shorter thus attracting more users because Google now not only dominate online searches but also would also gain more users in service already popular as Google Maps, YouTube, Google Apps, Gmail, Google+ and many more.

Now you can view on Google Chrome users would be able to conduct searches even more personalized and localized, and would have all the power of the technology used by the search giant to hear the weather report, create reminders, receive alerts for travel and birthday, to know opinions about restaurants and very much, much more.

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