Google prepares malware detection incorporated in Chrome

More advanced browsers like Chrome, IE or Firefox are becoming real essential work tools, almost more than the operating system itself work. Google continues to add more functionality to Chrome and among them will begin to test the built-in malware detection in Canary versions.

Chrome is already able to detect sounds in the tabs, and a renewal of desktop notifications. This is to prevent users during navigation who do not put too much care on the sites and applications that download, there are no malicious codes. The idea is to block those downloads that are harmful to the system, as any malware detection tool in real time.

New versions of Chrome will also incorporate a feature reset the browser to return it to its original condition, if detected toolbars that are installed or added accidentally.

According to Google, every day sent to the “blacklist” websites approximately 10,000 through the feature called Safe Browsing, which currently incorporate their browsers. The company plans to launch this type of detection in feature versions, in addition to safe navigation.

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