Google strengthens the security of its users with better encryption

Given the facts of invasion of privacy which are public and which gained momentum a few days to know the Prism surveillance system, the U.S. government, Google wants to distance himself from everything that leads to think that has worked spying on its users. For this reason, the Internet giant reinforced with a high level encryption files from their users, according to the advance by the company itself.

google strengthens the security

And the bad publicity that has been uploaded several brands and network services to enable working with the highest levels of American government and other countries to access private data of the users, who will be appropriate unless the same Google.

Currently the company only encrypting the contents of their users, such as Google Drive, only when files are transferred to their servers. From now on, the encryption will remain. Thus, Google will not be able to authorize access to the files in any possible way, unless the government itself does the work of hackers and brute force decrypt every file, a task that can be time consuming, even for the American Government.

However, the issue has its nuances, showing that no encryption is good enough in a given case. For example, you could simply deliver an order for the user password for access to a file, to which Google could not refuse to deliver.

Finally it seems that the files in the Cloud with a very uncertain future. Where once we feared for the stability of the same cloud and the services associated with storing files, now fear for the fact that you can access most of the files, legally or not. At the end, save important files and sensitive in other physical storage media will prove to be the best alternative.

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