Google Takeout: download a backup of your Google Drive

Era has begun in which we are keeping our files in the cloud and where almost all we make extensive use of such services. Some say that in the future to replace the internal and external drives and other physical media, but the truth is that while change is already happening, not even deserve the confidence of some users.

Google Takeout

For Google Drive users, there is a way to back up all data stored on the service, thanks to Google Takeout, a service dedicated to parallel backups of information from Google Drive.

Google Takeout lets will allow you to save what you have stored in YouTube, Google Reader links, Google Voice, Google+ Circles, Picassa albums and other data. We will have to log in using our user name and choose what services are going to do the backup. You can also save the data of all services in a single download.

The site automatically saves everything and its will respect the hierarchies that we had of folders and sub-folders, so that everything will be organized in the same way that we have saved in Google Drive.

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