Google uses hackers for the second time this year to find bugs in browser

The giant Google will draw a second time so far this year to hackers for errors and bugs in open source browser: Google Chrome. The leader in communication to improve the safety of Google Chrome, deal two million dollars between those “programmers” to grab the giant warning about a bug in its rapid and used by thousands of users browser.

errors in Google Chrome

In the next conference to be held in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) on 10 October and called Pwnium, Google will encourage the best hackers in the world to challenge their security barriers dividing awards in various categories.

Although the news is already known from two days ago, already achieved confirm what Google plans to try to show that its open source browser is one of the best between stiff competition between the most downloaded browsers and used at the time. In part, it is also thought that Google does not want any last minute surprises and want to avoid a repeat of the attacks that were present in the latest stable version of Google Chrome and that so many complaints by the majority of its followers suffered.

In a conference that is called Pwnium and that will take place in Malaysia, the giant aims to encourage a second time so far this year to hackers to find fault or bug, thus defying to them and encouraging them to find their safety barriers some fault or faults that may compromise the security of Google Chrome.

Hackers and programmers are encouraged to participate, may compete in different categories. In addition, Google will offer up to $60,000 (48,572 euros) to those who manage to disrupt the code in browser.

The other prizes will be $50,000 (40,476 euros) to those who are able to find errors in Chrome and third prize will be $40,000 (32,375 euros) if errors are detected in outside applications, environments, which may affect Google Chrome.

On the other hand, Google has always been satisfied with the work that has been done by hackers every time it has convened a meeting of this type and it is thought to want to demonstrate and prevent faults that were found in the latest stable version of the browser to happen again.

Also remember (for instance a while ago), that in the month of January 2010 Google paid $500 for every bug found and $1,337 for each critical error (except for bugs found in add-ons or extensions) as we already know that this will offer money for finding errors is neither new, nor it is the first time offered money to upgrade the browser.

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