Google wants to expand oral search by adding more user interaction

Having a conversation with your computer right now is almost a utopia. The first step that has been taken is the implementation of oral search in Google Search. If you’ve tried you may have noticed that different variations of pronunciation, accent and even voice influence most frustrating cases for results.

google oral search

The important thing is that we have taken steps to at least voice recognition a reality for easy browsing. It is another matter when we want to ask more about a specific subject, if we say “USA” Google will show a map of USA, and general information. But if we ask more specific details or have a conversation about USA, for the time being, it is little what can Google do.

According to Jeff Dean, head of Google Research, is looking for ways to understand and interpret the search much more elaborate instructions. For example, Google could order that we buy a ticket to travel to NY by plane, but Google also have to be able to ask if we want to stay at a specific hotel or if want to rent a car, for example. In turn, should be able to start discussions or ask further details about it as we would a human.

Google engineer also reports that these searches will be common in the future. Even anticipate you would not use the keyboard to type what you want to search, but everything will be through voice. Also may be added that talks with various devices and these in turn can talk among themselves. What has not been able to anticipate is when will be available all these features, imagine missing even several years of development, the same Google engineer commented that still do not know how to move all this to a programming language for the browser do the sometimes virtual assistant.

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