Google wants to remove the top black bar

Those who remember how was the Google homepage until a couple of years, also remember that there was the familiar top black bar, from which you access the Google mail, images, YouTube, etc.. Subsequently, the last change made by the company imposed us the black bar and it’s been two years already.

google new navbar

Well, now Google is testing a new version of the world’s most visited site. In the new version, again the black bar is removed, replaced by an icon that looks like a grid. Clicking that icon will deploy a popup menu with the options we now have in the top bar.

The truth is that this is no surprise from the point of view of Google software, as this will try to imitate a feature of the Google OS. Earlier this year, Google has proclaimed that it will be the year of Google OS; it would not be strange that certain features of the operating system in the cloud present are doing in your browser and other web tools of the company.

It is expected that the new dropdown menu has some other configuration options for the use of each particular user. For now, it seems that the screenshots are just test and still no news on whether this will be part of future Google.

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