Google will provide support to Chrome for Windows XP until April 2015

After Microsoft ends extended support for Windows XP in April 2014, Google plans to continue supporting this old operating system. The support will be extended for another year, until April 2015.

google support chrome for Windows xp

This means that Chrome for XP users will continue to receive updates and patches to keep safe the browser, only until that date. What happens beyond April 2015 for those who continue using Windows XP with Chrome isn’t Google’s liability.

What appears to be a story that will benefit users of Windows XP has been criticized from several aspects. The first is that while Google wants to help make the “transition” of XP users easier, there are conflicting opinions about the contradiction that means for Microsoft, and is that the Redmond giant wants users urgently migrate XP operating system; Google encourages them to continue using it for another year.

At the same time, Google recommends support for older browsers by Legacy Browser Support. Companies that use web tools that depend only on older versions of Internet Explorer, will automatically change the browser on those links that require for example IE6 or 7.

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