GooReader: The client for Google Books

Google Books is a service that constantly growing continuously and now has a huge number of books and magazines in its catalog. Some of the available titles can be read for free but others, especially in the most recent, must be purchased to enjoy it; but regardless of this web interface leaves much to be desired, so why not make use of an application for enjoy any of our books from the desktop, an application like GooReader.


GooReader is an application that not only lets you browse books while online, but also when switched off. Additionally, you can use the interface to move through the pages of books as well as to enlarge or reduce the text. You can also perform searches and in general is a great option for those who tend to read in small screens.

All the books that have been acquired will be able to be organized in a simplest way, also, use of markers to go from one place to another in the most expeditious manner. This way you can create a personal library which may be exported to PDF, although for this, you must purchase the paid version of GooReader and books to convert must be free of DRM.

Apart from the conversion, the version of payment (€16.06) does not show any type of advertising, but from then on there is no other difference. GooReader is a free download that runs on Windows XP, Vista and 7.

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