GParted unveils its latest stable version

If you have not ever used GParted to solve several problems with the partitions on your disk, you should do it at least once. GParted is a tool that not only will show graphically how hard drives divided by partitions, but may also be able change the size, copy and move partitions without losing data, at least in theory, as it is recommended to backup data before putting hand in the partitions.

GParted new edition

This excellent tool gets to the stable version 0.14.1, where we will find improvements to correct some errors in the previous version, in addition to adding more languages. GParted can be used as a Live CD, so it’s practically an entire operating system dedicated to manage partitions.

The GParted new edition corrects detecting RAID disks from Linux, in addition to solve a very specific problem, with some logical partitions that may overlap with extended partitions.

The distribution uses X.Org, Fluxbox window manager, and one of the last editions of the Linux kernel, the 2.6. The Gparted Live edition runs on x86 machines, at least with Pentium II processor.

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