Hangouts now has its own web, talk without having to install the application

Google Hangouts is the bet of Google for instant messaging. Such applications have become very famous, although it must be said that increasing competition is causing losing interest from users. However, the choice of the search engine company has its own legion of fans, so it continues to improve day after day.

google hangout web

The latest development has recently arrived. And also very useful for frequent users who do not want the program installed on their computers or mobile devices. As we have seen, Google has scheduled a new website for Hangouts. Previously it was only available to a very brief section that just gave us possibilities.

Although the most interesting novelty lies in the fact that from this website you can run Hangouts, which means that, we can talk with our contacts without the need to install the application. We must carry out a prior access from a computer or from the Chrome browser. Otherwise, we have no problems.

The initiative is great and means a step forward by Google. Anyway, also recommend that you be very attentive to developments which will remain. Perhaps the company is developing a web version, as they already have other applications (special mention to WhatsApp and Telegram).

Do not miss the eye of the industry to instant messaging. Everything indicates that we are going to carry more than a surprise. Good News, of course.

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