Helmut Film Scanner turns your old negatives in photos through your mobile

Do you still have your old negative pictures stored in a drawer? No need to take them to a print shop (if they still exist) to print them in photos. Now you can scan them yourself through Helmut Film Scanner, an application for Android and iPhone.

Helmut Film Scanner

The only thing we have to do our part is to take the negative that we will digitize, place it on a flat surface, more uniform and flat as possible, and take a picture with our mobile, trying to negative to occupy the entire screen and that is as stable as possible. Subsequently, launch Film Scanner and choose the image you want to scan, usually stored in the mobile multimedia gallery.

The application will take control of the negative process, adjusting the brightness and contrast, colors and lighting that should be positive. It will also be possible to reverse or rotate the photo, plus share in the network via Dropbox, Facebook and EyeEm.

Film Scanner results are good, although you must be careful when you take the photo, as direct or indirect sources of light, can give unwanted results. The first thing you should avoid is to use the flash when you take the photo, as this gives too much light to the negative. The latest version solved a remarkable problem of stability which had early versions.

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