HitmanPro Alert is another good Trojan detector

HitmanPro Alert is an add browsers and a process that works by detecting trojans or potential threats to your computer.


Protections against Trojans are never sufficient to have a secure system that not us of a nasty surprise when least expected. Therefore, it is a good idea to test different programs of detection to make sure that we do not have the infected computer, in the case of the antivirus or other security program that we have installed does not give the results we want.

HitmanPro Alert is a good free program from the creators of HitmanPro suite, which forms a barrier between the browser and operating system. In fact, you can work as a browser plug (accepts Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari and other derivatives thereof such as Maxthon, Tor Browser and Pale Moon), although not strictly a supplement, but a service that is added to operating system.

The first thing that makes the program is to verify if your browser is compromised by any security threat. If all goes well and do not receive any warning at the beginning, will monitor any attempt of any page or malicious code to gain control of the browser.

According to developers, HitmanPro Alert can detect 99% of the Trojans with success and that is a very high number if it becomes true. At least, you can identify the major and the more current that were wandering around in the network, and would therefore not be of more download it if you’re not sure of being infected or if you’ve had a recent infection.

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