How to open certain folders with Windows 7 and 8

As we take a certain pace of work, we realize that most of the time we need to have open certain folders, keep them as files that we use daily. Therefore it would be good to have a functionality that gets these folders open at the same time we start Windows. This functionality we already have, we just have to activate it.

open certain folders

The first thing to do is leave open all the folders we want to be opened by Windows. And the next thing is to activate the option. We do so by typing folder options in the search box on the start menu.

We must go to Folder Options and see a few options we can tick, including one called Restore previous folders windows at login; This option is not checked by default, so just tick it, we left with apply and Ok and restart the computer. Once we reboot we will see the folders that had previously left open, will open automatically with every Windows startup.

Unfortunately it may be the case that the folders are opened in a different position on the screen as we left, if we’re using Windows 7 or Server 2008 R2. If this happens, Microsoft made available to the users one of your files “Fixit” to repair the setback. You can download it from here.

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