ICE Unlock Fingerprint Secure: Use your fingerprint to unlock the phone

ICE Unlock Fingerprint Secure is an Android app that will give the chance to unlock the mobile using the fingerprint. The program makes use of the rear camera, both to store a high resolution picture of the fingerprint, as to carry out the unfreezing.

ICE Unlock Fingerprint Secure

When Apple Touch ID was added as a feature to iPhone 5s last year, many wondered about something similar for Android phones. The answer is not slow in coming, as there are many applications that try to do the same on Android, although in our opinion the best (complete with limitations) is ICE Unlock Fingerprint Secure. We’ll show you how this application works; you can unlock the phone with your fingerprint.

The application uses the rear camera to take a picture of high resolution fingerprint of one of your fingers. Once the program has garnered high-resolution image of the fingerprint, whenever you want to unlock your phone you have to hold your finger to the back camera, so the mobile recognizes that it matches the smell that it has stored, with whom aims to unlock the phone.

The procedure for storing the fingerprint only implies bringing the finger over to the camera the sufficient thing so that the fingerprint photograph as clear as possible. The program will also ask for an emergency key in case of failure, which can be used to unlock the phone, if it fails to read the fingerprint; is true that we should not touch the lens or screen, but bring the fingertip over to the camera, because it is possible that the program could not interpret well the fingerprint (and this happens a lot, especially if the camera lens is dirty). Therefore, the PIN is available in an emergency.

Of course there is a fundamental difference between the application of Apple and Android, even with its imperfections. Android is free and although it is prone to failure, as comfort is reported that Apple is too. Still not as perfect technology of fingerprint recognition in the industry, but at least you have something different in your Android.

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